Over the years the Grapevine Garden Club has applied for and won many National, Regional, State and District awards. Here are some FAQs about these honors:

Purpose of Texas Garden Clubs, Inc. awarding commendations from National, Regional, State, And District levels

According to Texas Garden clubs, Inc. (TGC), “Receiving a prestigious National Garden Club award is one of the highest honors to be achieved by local garden clubs. This recognition creates pride and encourages member to further their efforts.” When we look at the list of awards a club can apply for, we see a starting point for our civic achievement, youth and adult education, beautification of our community, and a host of other projects. These activities can be the core of our club and drive our programs, tours, monetary contributions to garden-related causes and organizations, and all other enterprises that serve our community.

How do we apply for the awards?

We can apply for both competitive and non-competitive awards. The competitive awards have strict guidelines for submission and are graded on a numeric scale of 1-100. Supporting documentation such as written descriptions of projects and often photographs must accompany each competitive award submittal. Non-competitive awards are primarily recognition of donations to various organizations that the club president selects each year from a list supplied by the National and State Garden Club organizations.

What is a Gold Rating?

The TGC Gold Rating is a non-competitive top prize for clubs who set the bar high on civic involvement and garden education. Gold being the top award in a set of four (Green, Bronze, Silver and Gold), it is calculated on a multi-faceted point system and depends on total club membership. GGC has continually been rated Gold for many years. The Gold Rating application is lengthy, requiring much research into club facts and activities during the current calendar year.

Where else to find award information

Hardcopies of GGC award information dating previous to the most current award year can be found in the Grapevine Public Library History Room, GGC display case. Applications are in binders and certificates are mounted in scrapbooks. A separate scrapbook is created each club year, from September through May.

Awards for GGC projects in 2019

GGC proudly won four National Garden Club awards in 2019 for the Wall Farrar Litter Project, Newsletter, Cookbook and Bird Sanctuary Week.

The application process began in October 2019 when a total of 24 award applications were submitted to the District II awards chairman. The awards then made their way from District to State to National with a slight detour to Regional. During the spring/summer of 2020 we received awards from District II, Texas Garden Club, South Central Region and National Garden Club.

A total list of the 38 District II, TGC, SCR and NGC Awards received for 2019 can be viewed here.

Pam Braak, Award Chair (CP-14). 37th year

Club Affiliations

The Grapevine Garden Club (GGC) strives to support the projects of the National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC), South Central Region(SCR) of the NGC, Texas Garden Clubs, Inc. (TGC) and District II of the Texas Garden Clubs. GGC is also a  member of the Garden Club Council of Fort Worth.  The following briefly describes the major projects and themes of these garden club affiliations for 2019-2021. 

National Garden Clubs, Inc.  -                                                                                                       President:  Gay L. Austin   Theme:  Plant America

President Austin challenges us to improve our observation of our diverse environments. Through our vision, we can inspire others to take action every day to protect our natural habitats. Let’s develop projects which demonstrate our respect for natural resources so that we can assure a healthy world for our future generations. When we urge others to join in our environmental efforts, educate them on challenges ahead of us, and encourage them to participate in areas of need, our entire world will benefit.

South Central Region                                                                                                                     Director:  Linda Lawson     Theme:  Unite to Plant America                                                                                                         

Director Lawson would like to see projects where our garden clubs work with other groups such as Master Gardeners, Civic Groups, Plant Societies, Park Departments, Youth Groups, Museums, Hospital Gardens, Art Leagues, etc. She is so proud that some of the SCR states are already working on projects that fit into the scope of Plant America.

Texas Garden Clubs, Inc.                                                                                                             President: Peggy Moreland  Theme:  Plant America – Grow Our Future                                                                                  

President Moreland is honored to be our President and looks forward to meeting and working with all members.  To ensure a successful administration, we all need to work together. She promises  to do her  very best to represent TGC.  Her  theme is “Plant America - Grow Our Future.” It is very important for us to start planning for the future of Texas Garden Clubs now. She believes our precious members are the future of Texas Garden Clubs. We must always strive to retain our members and recruit new members

District II                                                                                                                                             Director:  MaryAnn Nicholson   Theme:  Go Wild! Plant Native!                                                                               

As you work in your garden clubs, and even in your own gardens, Director MaryAnn Nicholson encourages us to look for ways to add native plants back into our environment.  Not every square foot of our gardens need to be formal; look for a spot and go a ‘little wild’! 

Garden Club Council of Fort Worth                                                                                                          President: Barbara Baker  Theme:  Dig It!

President Barbara Baker is creating new Council programs and projects and through Flowercade advocates new opportunities to network with fellow garden club members, plant societies, agencies and organizations with similar interests and goals.