Garden Club Projects

The members of the Grapevine Garden Club volunteer for projects that implement our objectives. For example we grow and share our favorite plants in our Annual Plant Sales and we share our knowledge of trees with the 3rd grade Native Tree Project.  We teach protection and conservation of our wild flowers and other natural resources with our docent led Botanical Garden programs and our Butterfly Flutterby involvement. The projects listed below reflect our interests and goals in serving our members and the community

Spring Plant Sale

The Grapevine Garden Club sponsors a community plant sale in the spring to benefit the Club's scholarship program and community beautification projects. During the spring plant sale many heirloom plants raised by our members are offered. Plants include perennials, butterfly plants and drought tolerant plants.

Thanks to everyone who supported the 2022 GV Garden Club Plant Sale.  Over $15,000 was raised for the GVGC Scholarship Fund. 

The Native Tree Project (formerly Redbud Tree Project) 

In 2002, the Grapevine Garden Club initiated a program to distribute trees to third graders in the Grapevine/Colleyville ISD. The program was designed to teach the joys of planting and caring for a tree as well as the value of trees in our lives and nature. Our members talk to third grade classes about the importance of trees, demonstrate how to plant a tree, and read a book to the class. The children and their families are invited to a Tree Celebration (Arbor Day Party) at one of the various Grapevine city parks. A class sapling is planted at the park and children are encouraged to check on the growth of the tree.

Butterfly Flutterby

The Grapevine Garden Club assists the City of Grapevine with the annual butterfly festival and parade which is held at the Grapevine Botanical Gardens at Heritage Park. Members share information about butterflies with the children and their parents. Our club also offers items for sale. We collect seeds to be given out for starting gardens that attract butterflies, and we really endeavor to find caterpillars at any stage to show to children. This is one of the most enjoyable projects in which we take part.

The Garden Club also sponsors a Butterfly Flutterby Kids Art Contest for kindergarten through fifth grade students. The purpose of the Art Contest is to give students an opportunity to illustrate their interpretation of a theme in an original drawing. To enter the contest, students must follow the contest rules to create their artwork and attach a completed entry form to the back of the artwork. The student's artwork is given to their Grapevine/Colleyville ISD Art teacher, then judged by local artists.  All entries are displayed during the Butterfly Flutterby festival. The top winners are presented with a ribbon and cash prize. 

The 25th Annual Butterfly Flutterby festival and Kids Art Contest will be held October 15, 2023 from 10 - 2 p.m.

West Texas Street Garden Project

In 2006, the Grapevine Garden Club began to work with the tenants living in the low income apartment units on West Texas Street in Grapevine. We knew that the gardens needed to be barrier free and easily accessible to the tenants, so after visiting the Housing Authority Office to offer our services, we made a few calls to the elderly residents who lived in the area. We found they were very interested and excited about working with the Grapevine Garden Club.

Since then we continue to make friends on West Texas Street and to offer our gardening services. Our members enjoy the outings (over 1500 volunteer total work hours  so far) and the residents always help or offer gardening advice. They will work with us when they are able or supervise when they are not. But residents enjoy sitting on their porches and visiting on West Texas Street gardening days.

In 2018, the Grapevine Housing Authority awarded a Certificate of Appreciation to the West Texas Street team. 

Wall Farrar Trail Tidy Up

In 2013 the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission approved a $200,000 grant for the city of Grapevine from the Recreational Trail Grant Program toward the Wall-Farrar Trail to add 1.6 miles of granite and dirt trails, bridges, signs and shade shelters. This nature trail is connected by Bear Creek Trail to the existing Parr Park. After construction was complete in 2017 the Grapevine Garden Club applied to the City Adopted Area Program to adopt the Wall Farrar Nature Trail for litter pickup.

This program is run by Keep Grapevine Beautiful to keep the city looking green and clean. The request was approved and the Club set up trash pickup dates. The program commitment, which is for 2 years with options to renew, requires clean-up 6 times per year. The City provides safety vests, trash grabbers and bags. Our objective is to remove litter which will discourage littering and improve the appearance of our community and quality of life. It aligns with our mission statement which in part says “….promote city and highway beautification; actively support environmental concerns;……” As a side benefit club members get to enjoy the nature trail and sharpen their native plant identification skills.

This Club project was presented a National Garden Club First Place award.  Read more about it

Creating a Backyard Wildlife Habitat

An ongoing project of the club is education about how we as gardeners can utilize our backyards as an environmental habitat for wildlife, including insects, birds, mammals, and amphibians. By gardening for wildlife, we can establish a sanctuary for year-round inhabitants as well as seasonal migratory visitors. We promote adding feeders, nesting boxes, water sources, plants and insects beneficial to wildlife in the landscape. For a list of native plants we can add to our landscapes, check out the following resource from a previous GGC forum: Augmenting bird feeders with native plants to provide food (fruit, seeds, and nectar) for birds on a year-round basis. Attracting Backyard Birds is another birding resource.  

Many of the Club's monthly programs allow members to witness caterpillars eating their way through their host plants and then see how beautiful butterflies emerge. They learn which insecticides and pesticides to avoid and which beneficial insects we should avoid killing; which landscaping, plant species, and shrubs provide primary feeding, nectar, and nesting sites for native birds—including hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees; how to attract bees, bats, reptiles, and amphibians; and how to consistently supply water for all wildlife.

When these goals are achieved, members can order and install in their yards signs officially certifying their gardens as Wildlife Habitats. See the club's Learning Resources page for more details.

Seed and Plant Exchange

The club members love to share with each other. That’s the fun of gardening. Members are encouraged to bring plant cuttings and harvested seeds from their gardens for the seed and plant exchange table at monthly meetings. Wildflower seeds are very popular, and master gardeners are available to answer members’ planting questions. Browse the current seed catalogue

Grapevine Botanical Garden Docents

The Grapevine Garden Club's docent program provides support at the Botanical Gardens, located in Heritage Park, 411 Ball Street in Grapevine. The gardens are open daily and include several water features, native and perennial plants and trees, a butterfly and herb garden, plus a bird sanctuary. The club created quick reference cards for docent use during tours which show plant information and photos, plus brochures for visitors. Contact to arrange for a tour of the gardens.

Docents receive training at the Grapevine Botanical Garden

Bird Sanctuary Week

Typically the third week in January is declared Bird Sanctuary Week by club members supported by a Grapevine City Proclamation. During the month club members focus on learning about birds and creating / conserving natural habitat for our feathered friends.

Grapevine Garden Club Cookbooks

Out of the Garden and into the Kitchen - Cookbook offering appetizers, beverages, soups, salads, casseroles, meats, side dishes and desserts. We hope you enjoy these delicious recipes from the members of the Grapevine Garden Club. Cookbooks from 1990 – present are downloadable from our publications page.

Special Past Projects

Rose Trials

GGC partnered with the Grapevine Botanical Gardens and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension to monitor roses in a rose trial setting. The goal was to find rose varieties resistant to Rose Rosette Disease.  The roses chosen were from a list compiled by rose growers and county agents from three states.  GGC members evaluated the roses monthly for Rose Rosette Disease symptoms as well as other conditions, such as black spot.  In its second year, this educational endeavor provided our members with hands-on participation in data collection and an opportunity to learn about rose pests, diseases and care. The knowledge gained from our work will reach beyond our local community and will be shared through Texas A&M AgriLife Extension.

"Plant It Pink" - 2010

Each year the National Garden Club’s president chooses  a theme, and the theme for 2010-2011 was “Plant It Pink” in support of breast cancer awareness. Our club supported this campaign with a variety of pink-hued spring bulbs sold to members and helped plant flowers that carried out the pink ribbon shape and theme at the Grapevine Botanical Gardens. For this project, GGC received the National Garden Clubs Pink Glove Award in recognition of our ongoing volunteer efforts and commitment to the NGS’s program for breast cancer awareness.

Julie’s Garden - 2008

A valued member of the Grapevine Garden Club passed away in 2008. A special small area in the Grapevine Botanical Gardens is dedicated to her. Our club helped with the design of this garden, and members continue to help with support and maintenance.

Ed and Edith Pewitt Education Center - 2007

The Ed and Edith Pewitt Education Center is a permanent outdoor teaching center and gathering place for tours and special events within the Grapevine Botanical Garden. It was built and dedicated in 2007. It provides a place where educators and group leaders teach children and where adults can contemplate nature and appreciate the garden. This pavilion began to be used for classes in the spring of 2008.

Blue Star Memorial By-Way Marker - 2006

Grapevine Garden Club members proudly dedicated a Blue Star Memorial By-Way Marker on November 10, 2006. The marker is dedicated in honor of all who have served, are serving, and will serve in the Armed Forces of the United States of America. The National Garden Club started this program in 1945 and there are many of these markers in the State of Texas. The Blue Star Memorial By-Way Marker is located in the traffic median at the intersection of Ball Street and Wall Street in Grapevine.

More Grapevine Garden Club photos may be viewed online at our Flickr account.